A responsible and successful hotel that helps save the environment by making the stay of our guests eco-sustainable without sacrificing comfort, luxury and exclusivity, makes us one of the best hotels in the area.

POINT HOTEL, since opening, has committed and continues today to engage in the reduction of energy and waste consumption starting with energy production without release of CO2 and other gases in the environment.

Prefers sustainable management of its business by monitoring the consumption, by implementing energy efficiency measures and by reducing its environmental impact through virtuous behaviours.

The hotel is equipped with an automated, computerized system that controls, for each area, the heating and cooling parameters, and its power consumption.

To reduce CO2 emissions we equipped our hotel with a heat pump powered by a photovoltaic system with storage system, and therefore being independent even during days of less sunlight.

The rooms are operated by magnetic cards connected to the controlled computerized system. The windows are equipped with magnetic contacts, which in case of opening, blocks the functioning of other systems.